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Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions?

  • How do I find more concert opportunities?
  • What is the best method of contacting concert halls, festivals, record labels?
  • Should I hire an agency and if so, how do I find a suitable one?
  • Do I really need a video recording of myself or a CD and what does that cost me?
  • What is appropriate compensation for my performances?
  • The concert presenter told me, we don't need a contract - is it ok, not to have one?
  • The concert presenter sent me a contract of many pages, some clauses I don't even understand: What can I do without risking that the presenter is annoyed by my questions and hires a different musician?
  • What should I be cautious of when signing a contract?


 Yes? Then you definitly want to keep reading.

We give you practical tips and tricks on how you can become successful in the tough world of today's

Classical Music Scene and achieve your personal career goals!


Every artist's journey is different depending on their artistic and geographic goals, so there is no magic formula for success that will work for every classical musician.


No matter if you are at the start of your professional career, if you are thinking of changing your career goals or if you seek advise e.g. for a specific performance contract. We are here to assist you in every aspect of your career as a classical musician.