Promotional Materials


The first impression a presenter or agency receives of you is quite often not in the form of a performance.

High-quality, up-to-date artistic materials are therefore essential for making a great impression on presenters and agencies. Promotional videos and professional photos are not just for Pop and Rock musicians anymore!


At Career Compass, we work with you to determine what promotional materials are best for your individual career path.


We offer the following services:

  • CVs in various lengths and languages (cooperation with native speakers of various languages)
  • Professional photoshoots with photographers who specialize in artist photography (available in Austria and other European countries)
  • Video shoots, both concert recordings and promo videos (in Austria and some other European countries)
  • Sound recordings: both live and studio recordings (in Austria and some other European countries)
  • CD production in cooperation with renowned, international CD labels
  • graphic design and texting of various marketing materials (flyer, posters, etc.) and business cards

We offer excellent, quality materials designed specially for your individual needs at an affordable price.