Legal Services


Contracts are a foundational element of any project or performance. They provide security for all parties involved and ensure the requirements are fulfilled so that you can bring your best to the stage.


The legal language that most contracts are written in can be difficult to understand for those without a legal background. This can lead to misinterpretation of contract requirements.


We offer the following legal services to protect your work and career:

  • Explanations of contract contents
  • Advice on standard contract clauses (both general advice and advice specific to the individual)
  • Information regarding copyright and the immigration and visa process
  • Key legal points relevant to releasing a recording
  • Information regarding collecting societies


A clear understanding of all legal documents is imperative.


Quite often concert presenters either present musicians with very long contracts that are hard to understand as a non-lawyer or they insist on no contract at all. Both cases are unsatisfactory for the musician since they don't provide security for the artist, but artists are often hesitant to say something.


Our experts will provide you with advise on how to handle these situations in a satisfactory way and give you affordable legal advice in all matters regarding your music career.

(Austrian law as well as general questions of other common European laws, the US, Asia and Oceania)