Offstage presence is equally as important to an artist's career as onstage presence.

However even the most talented musicians may struggle to overcome their nerves when it comes to "selling" their brand, programs, and performances and negotiating fees and contracts.

In individual trainings, consulating sessions and workshops we will focus on these matters.


Depending on your individual situation we can discuss e.g. the following questions:

  • How do I get in contact with presenters?
  • How do I introduce myself and my work to presenters?
  • How do I successfully negotiate contracts?
  • How do I establish a strong network that will support and advance my career?


Networking is a vital component of any musician's career. Building a strong network takes time and planning tailored to your specific career goals.


Our communication experts equip you with tips and exercises designed to build confidence and put "offstage fright" to rest.